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Well-Known Businessman Supports Unchain Our Children’s Quest For Children’s Wellbeing

A prominent business man, well-known for his 10-year long dedication to community outreach in the form of food drives, three times a week for 300 children of the Jacaranda Primary School in Eersterus, has decided to support Unchain Our Children in our quest to combat abuse against children when he informed Wayne van Onselen, our Founder, of his intent to contribute to the wellbeing of children.

Mr Delmé Kibidoe, owner of Mr Hilux Spares (Pty) Ltd, in Silverton is a voice for the child in the business community and came on board to put his weight behind every effort of Unchain Our Children to secure children and give them help and hope.

He, like most citizens in South Africa, has a deep concern for drug use among parents as well as children, and the increasing prostitution to pay for the habit.  He has witnessed the devastating consequences thereof in his community and instead of just being saddened by it, decided to actively remain instrumental in restoring lives.

His message to women and children in South Africa rings with a positive alternative:

“There is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There are organizations like Unchain Our Children, offering help.  There are business men like me, investing in their work benefitting children.  But the choice for change from drug use, prostitution, and depravity, is yours.  Reach out, choose a clean life.”

Unchain Our Children is in the fortunate position to meet many organizations that are already active in a specific community and once we made our acquaintance, we support them in the areas they need assistance.  They, on the other hand, have already an established presence in their community and have earned the trust of the people there. Hence, the synergy we have to serve SA citizens well.

Together with community organizations and the business community, our reach is stronger, and more women and children can be helped.

Unchain Our Children welcomes Mr Kibidoe’s generous support.

Call Unchain Our Children’s National Crisis Line if you need help:  067 323 7116

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