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Unchain Our Children is a non-profit organization that endeavors to assist in the combat against child prostitution, child abuse, and other violations on human rights. We operate by means of direct intervention, recovery of missing and exploited children, counseling of individuals at risk and conducting initiatives to lower the current occurring incidences of abuse/exploitation.

We recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect; acceptance of others without any bias based on differences of any kind.


If you have information that would lead to providing assistance to help underage or unwilling victims being forced into prostitution or any other form of exploitation or abuse:

Helping us with donations and general enquiries:


Donations can be made to the following account (Registered Non-profit: 2016/296796/08):

Name of Entity: Unchain Our Children NPC
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62633208568
Branch: Hatfield
Branch Code: 252-145


We now have additional resources and team members assisting in the areas of Empangeni and Richards Bay.

We are grateful to all the individuals involved and the support of our followers and benefactors!

If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us on this WhatsApp.

Our National Crisis Line Number is 067 323 7116

Send us a message on WhatsApp here
Cresta Help Chat
Send via WhatsApp


Dark Horse Protection Services has seconded a dedicated extraction team that strives on a daily basis to make a difference in the continuous struggle against Human Trafficking, Gender-based Violence, Drugs and Drug Abuse, Missing Persons and other Crimes against Humanity.

The GUARDIANS are a well trained and disciplined team who operate under the banner of Unchain Our Children as an extraction team and in a supporting protection roll for investigation officers in law enforcement when operational in the field.

Pretoria Donation Drop-Off Points

Waverley Plaza Car Wash

Total Hertzog Street


Support Badge AND QR CODE

unchain our children support badge

Get your support badge here! Click on the button and find your option to download under the arrow. NOTE. The image is too small to share.

Share this ‘qr image’ on websites, documents and as messages for easy access to the website link. Right click on the image and then click on Copy Image.


Unchain Our Children's Intervention During Covid Lock Down Results In Family Reunification That's Still Lasting Today

Unchain Our Children’s Intervention During Covid Lock Down Results In Family Reunification That’s Still Lasting Today

Following up on cases we have completed and discovering that family reunifications last, is probably the greatest reward for Unchain Our Children. This is the happy reporting of such a case we successfully completed together with all the role players. During Covid lockdown, a case of child neglect was reported by a family member to the Unchain Our Children (UOC) National Senior Case Manager. A case was opened and upon further investigation, in collaboration with the appointed social workers in the area, it was discovered that the mother suffered from drug abuse. UOC facilitated the biological mother’s admission at a rehabilitation institution where she entered into a rehabilitation program. During that time both parents received therapy as well, and ...
Two Children Saved From Devastating Domestic Environment

Two Children Saved From Devastating Domestic Environment

Case file content reveals time and time again just how devastating drug, alcohol and prescription medication addiction, or a combination thereof, can be. Not only on the user’s life, but also on the lives of the spouse and children. Addiction adds to the murky waters of domestic violence, gender-based violence and child abuse. Children are stuck in the midst of this violence and their voices sometimes drown in the cacophony of this chaos. Once Unchain Our Children is alerted to cases like this, the investigation starts in accordance with the appointed social workers in the area. The children’s best interests are always priority and addressed accordingly. Unchain Our Children’s National Senior Case Manager equips the social worker with complete ...

We are official role players in the Counter Human Trafficking field

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